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    JNS Industries, Inc. The Precision Instrument Manufacturing Company
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    CNC Machining Laser Marking & Laser Welding Wire EDM Metal Stamping Induction & Torch Brazing Bead Blasting Surface Grinding Metal Polishing Secondary Services
    Secondary Services 

    Secondary Services

    As a single source for all production requirements, JNS Industries is capable of mechanical assembly, finishing, labeling and packaging. Whenever required, we offer the cost and time saving assembly of both customer supplied parts and in-house fabrications.

    Based on the part designs, each product can receive any finishing requirements, such as plating, anodizing, passivation, powder coating and heat treatments. After the completion of the fabrication process, JNS Industries will custom label and package the parts for the convenience of a ready to use product.

    With a sample label, we will source all material needed to replicate the design of the label, including colors, adhesives and bar coding. Along with foam and box inserts, our in-house heat sealing equipment uses custom dies for blister packaging.

    Finishing Capabilities · Design, Engineering & Quality Control Process

    Finishing Capabilities


    Tin nitrate


    Type II
    Type III

    Design, Engineering & Quality Control Process

    Research & Development

    Concept based on customer design contraints
    Reverse Engineering
    3D Modeling
    CAD to CAM for rapid prototyping

    Drawing Conversions

    Converting customer supplied electronic data (blueprint specifications) into dfx.iges file program formats for CNC equipment

    Design/CAM Software

    Feature Mill / Delcam

    Inspection Equipment

    Deltronic comparator
    Deltronic pin gauges
    Gauge blocks
    Surface plates
    Standard inspection equipment: micrometers, calipers